The True Cost of Economy Dentures

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

toy teeth representing economy denturesThere are many purchases we make that seem cheaper at first, but cost us much, much more in the long run. Economy dentures are one. From the need for regular replacement to the loss of jawbone to malnutrition, the hidden costs of “affordable dentures” makes them much more expensive than quality dentures.

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Why Economy Dentures Are a Bad Investment

Economy dentures are made to be sold for the lowest price possible. To do this, quality is frequently sacrificed in favor of mass production. Economy denture mills use a “small, medium, or large” denture fitting approach. Since your mouth likely doesn’t exactly fit these pre-fab templates, you may experience:

  • Loss of jaw bone
  • Frequent need to replace dentures
  • Loss of confidence
  • Denture pain and sore spots
  • Malnutrition

Poor fit also means you need to use denture adhesive, which not only adds to the cost, it can be toxic. When you factor in these costs, economy dentures seem like a very bad price.

Loss of Bone Mass with Economy Dentures

Your body will remove mass from any bone it perceives is not being used. When you had them, your teeth stimulated your jaw bone, so your body kept it healthy, but once you lose your teeth, your body may decide to remove material from your jawbone. Economy dentures don’t stimulate your jawbone, so they promote its loss. Jawbone loss worsens the fit of your dentures and may lead to jawbone fracture.

Affordable dentures can be made according to neuromuscular principles. The Denture Fountain of Youth®, for example, can stimulate your jawbone to promote retention.

Frequent Need to Replace Economy Dentures

Economy dentures may cost less at first, but when you realize how often you’ll be replacing them, you quickly see that they are not as good a deal as they seemed. You may have to replace them because they will soon become a poor fit due to jawbone loss, or they may break under your biting force.

Loss of Confidence

How much will you smile, knowing that your economy dentures are very unattractive? How much will you talk when you know your dentures will likely slip out, click when you talk, or make it hard to be understood? The lower quality of life you experience with economy dentures is a major cost.

Poor Nutrition

Economy dentures often force people to dramatically limit their diet. When you’re forced to limit yourself to soft foods, you will find it a challenge to consume a balanced diet. You may begin to suffer a number of conditions related to poor nutrition, including skin problems, frequent bruising, and osteoporosis. Your body becomes more vulnerable to disease.

Although economy dentures have numerous hidden costs, there are affordable dentures that are quality dentures. Please contact Dental Excellence of Blue Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to learn more about your options for affordable dentures.