Single-Arch Dentures Blue Bell

Not everyone needs both dental arches replaced with dentures. Sometimes, you may have either very good or reasonably good teeth in one arch that can either be left as is or restored, while the teeth in the other arch are replaced with a single-arch denture. Most often, we choose to replace the top teeth and leave the bottom teeth in place. There is nothing better than your natural teeth, so when a procedure allows you to maintain some of your natural teeth, it is often beneficial.

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Why Consider Single-Arch Dentures

Happy senior coupleYour teeth are truly miraculous. Even if damaged, they can provide decades of service if properly restored and taken care of. This is why it is a shame to remove any teeth that might have been saved. Any tooth that can be maintained or restored to continue giving a serviceable life, may be replaced at a later date, but every year that is put off increases the longevity of your natural teeth.

Although many dentures are very stable and comfortable, none of them are as stable or comfortable as your natural teeth. Retaining your natural teeth can give you a much improved quality of life.

Why We Replace the Upper Teeth

When replacing a single arch of teeth with a denture, it’s generally preferred to replace the upper arch. This arch tends to be more stable as a denture because:

  • The dynamic nature of the jaw makes lower dentures less stable
  • Tongue can interfere with stability of lower dentures
  • Less support for denture on lower jaw

This means that in nearly every case it is a better option to replace your upper teeth with a denture and restore your lower teeth.

Challenges of Single Arch Cases

Single-arch dentures can be harder to make than double arch dentures. Double arch dentures can be manufactured to fit one another. Single-arch dentures have to be matched to your current teeth, which makes it more challenging.

Another difficulty with single-arch denture is that they must be built to withstand the opposing force of your natural teeth. Since dentures don’t allow you to bite as strongly, dentures built for double arch cases don’t have to stand up to the same level of force as single-arch dentures, which can be damaged by the opposing force of your natural teeth.

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