High-End Dentures Philadelphia

Dentures don’t have to fit poorly. They don’t have to look bad. And they don’t have to be uncomfortable. When it comes to dentures, you get what you pay for. If you want dentures that fit properly, look amazing, and don’t hurt when you wear them, you can have them. You can eat all the foods you want. You can have a smile you love to show off. And you can look as much as 20 years younger.

If you are prepared to invest in quality dentures, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Please call (610) 272-0828 or email Dental Excellence of Blue Bell today to learn more about high-end dentures in Philadelphia.

High-End Dentures Fit Your Entire Face

High End Dentures in PhiladelphiaEconomy dentures are just designed to fit your gums. The come as pre-set molds and only the lining is changed so it fits around your gums. These dentures come in a limited number of sizes and they likely will feel like they don’t even fit in your mouth, let alone work well with your jaws and muscles.

The average denture is designed to fit in your mouth. Not only is it supposed to fit over your gums, but they’re also sized to better fit in your mouth. However, these dentures do a poor job of working with the muscles of your jaw, and they are visibly poor at fulfilling the vital function of your teeth in supporting your face.

High-end dentures like our Denture Fountain of Youth® are designed not just to fit your mouth, but to your entire face. They are designed to work harmoniously with your jaw muscles. This not only improve the fit of the dentures, because the muscles help your dentures stay in place, but it also helps you chew more effectively and comfortably.

And this is how FOY Dentures® help you look younger. They restore your teeth to the dimensions they had when you were younger, the dimensions they were when your skin and muscles developed. Much of the facial folding, sagging skin, and wrinkles in the lower third of the face aren’t due to excess skin that needs to be cut away, they’re due to shrinking teeth and jaws that need to be restored. By restoring the support to your face, FOY Dentures® give you back your youthful appearance by giving you back your youthful proportions.

A Truly Attractive Smile

Another way that high-end dentures stand out is in the teeth. Economy dentures have essentially one tooth mold. Everyone gets the same basic shape of teeth, which are a barely passable version.

With average dentures, there may be a few different options for teeth, but they tend to be made of the same material as the base.

With high-end dentures, the teeth are completely customized. They are made of an advanced ceramic material that gives them the luster of natural teeth. They are also colored so they have an impression of having the layers of natural teeth, the enamel, dentin, and pulp that give teeth their complex coloration. The teeth are also customized and individually crafted to give you a completely natural smile. Teeth can be rotated slightly, angled, have gaps, or any other characteristic you want. You can completely reproduce your smile or give yourself the smile of your dreams.

But whatever you choose, high-end dentures give you a smile that no one will identify as dentures.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of high-end dentures in Philadelphia, please contact Dental Excellence of Blue Bell today.