Denture Replacement Philadelphia

denture repair and replacementAre your current dentures worn out? Did you lose your dentures? Have your dentures broken? Don’t continue to use worn-out or broken dentures or just go without. We can repair or replace your dentures quickly and affordably to ensure your continued confidence and comfort.

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When to Replace Your Dentures

Most manufacturers of economy dentures will say you need to replace your dentures every 5-10 years, but there is no timeline for replacing your dentures, and many economy dentures will have to be replaced much sooner than this. Replace your dentures when you notice:

  • The fit has worsened
  • You have started using significantly more denture adhesive
  • You find you cannot chew as well as when dentures were new
  • You have started developing denture pain or sores
  • Your dentures are worn down
  • Your dentures are broken

Failure to replace your dentures when you notice these symptoms can lead to significant problems, from a loss of confidence in social situations to malnutrition and a host of others.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Dentures?

The decision to repair or replace your dentures should be taken very seriously. If you have quality dentures that suffered damage, repairing them may be a good option.

If you have old dentures that are worn, or if you have economy dentures that never fit or functioned well, trying to repair them may be a waste of time and money.

We can look at your dentures and help you decide whether to repair or replace them.

Should You Replace Your Dentures or Upgrade?

The next important issue to consider is whether you should replace your current dentures with dentures of a comparable quality or take the opportunity to upgrade to better-fitting and better-functioning dentures.

We can look at your old dentures, talk to you about your experience, and evaluate your oral health to determine whether your old dentures were good enough or whether you’d benefit from an upgrade to a better quality option, such as our Denture Fountain of Youth®. If your current dentures have served you well, we will recommend a similar quality replacement, but if you report problems or we notice damage to your mouth due to your old dentures, we will recommend an upgrade.

Don’t continue suffering with poor-fitting, worn or broken dentures. Please contact Dental Excellence of Blue Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about replacement dentures today.