About Dr. Siegel

Denture Dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel and his team

Philadelphia denture dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel, and his team.

Denture Dentist Philadelphia

Dr. Ken Siegel

Dr. Ken Siegel is a general dentist with advanced training as a denture dentist. Since starting Dental Excellence of Blue Bell, he has been helping patients from all around Philadelphia for more than 25 years. Selected as one of America’s Top Dentists by the Consumer Research Council of America, Dr. Siegel puts his training as a cosmetic dentist and neuromuscular dentist to work as a denture dentist.

With over 1000 hours of training in cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, and reconstructive dentistry, Dr. Siegel is a leading dentist in the Philadelphia area. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Siegel, call 610-272-0828 or book an appointment online now.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Denture Manufacture

Cosmetic dentistry is the discipline of trying to create the most attractive smile for every patient. This includes Dr. Siegel’s work as a denture dentist. Every patient deserves an equally attractive and natural-looking smile, whether they are smiling with their natural teeth or with their dentures. Dr. Siegel’s training as a cosmetic dentist helps him design and assess the dentures he places to make sure they have a natural proportion and appearance.

Neuromuscular Dentistry and Dentures

Neuromuscular dentistry is the study of your mouth as a system in which all the elements need to work together, including the muscles, nerves, bones, joints, and teeth. As a denture dentist with neuromuscular dentistry training, Dr. Siegel takes a comprehensive approach to treatment, ensuring your dentures have the best look, fit and function possible.

Neuromuscular dentistry is the scientific foundation for the Denture Fountain of Youth®, which not only fit and function better than traditional dentures, they provide better support for your facial tissues, contributing to a younger appearance.

How to Choose Your Denture Dentist

If you are looking for the right dentist to manufacture your dentures, you should find one who has training in cosmetic, reconstructive, and neuromuscular dentist, as well as one with the real-world experience to harness the insight of their training to serve their patients’ needs.

Start by selecting a few dentists that seem to have good online reputations based on reviews. During your consultation with these denture dentists, talk to them about their denture philosophies, so you can see whether they will respond appropriately to your cosmetic goals. Also ask to see previous cases so you can evaluate their technical skill in performing denture procedures. Finally, make sure the dentist has one or more patients who are prepared to talk about their experience with the dentist. Talk to these patients to get a better long-term perspective on working with the dentist. Finally, combining information about a dentist’s background and results with your personal feelings about each candidate, pick the right denture dentist for you.

Please contact Dental Excellence of Blue Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today for a consultation to learn whether Dr. Siegel is the right dentist for you.